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What is Lifeology?

What is Lifeology?

Science matters.  We can make better decisions about life and health if we keep up with science, like new findings about the brain and advances in medicine.

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But for many, scientific information can be difficult to understand and to access.

And there’s more to this problem. Science and health information that people can easily find online that they can understand… 
isn’t always trustworthy.

Lifeology is on a mission to fix this problem by making learning science fun, visual and approachable.

The key ingredient is collaboration.

We have a growing, global network of writers and illustrators can help you take your work to new levels of reach, accessibility and impact.

That brings us to our favorite thing about Lifeology - it is a community space that empowers people to collaborate to make science more beautiful and relatable!

Lifeology helps scientists find local writers and artists for their science communication projects. It helps artists and writers display their work and find paid creation opportunities.

Who can use
the Lifeology platform?

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A researcher can use Lifeology to quickly and easily find and collaborate with an artist to create high-impact science communication.

A physician can leverage the Lifeology service to create outreach and educational materials proven to enhance learning without overwhelming patients.

Any science organization can use Lifeology to create, distribute and track engagement with courses they can brand and package together into learning modules!

Anyone interested in learning more about science can use the Lifeology platform to browse publicly available courses. They can provide feedback to make courses better!

  • Learning about science and health shouldn’t overwhelm or bore people.  Science should be accessible to everyone.
  • Lifeology brings together all the right talent to make your research, your educational materials and other outreach content shine.

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Lifeology is on a mission to make learning science and health fun and approachable through art and storytelling.

Lifeology is a platform that combines science and art in illustrated mini-courses that anyone can enjoy! We also have a community space that brings together experts, creators and readers to innovate science and health communication.

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