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How can you celebrate Earth Day?

How can you celebrate Earth Day?

Happy Earth Day! Founded in 1970, Earth Day helps us learn how we are connected to and depend on the earth and what we can do to help prevent harm to the earth.

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We have invented many wonderful things that help us work and play and get around. But when we burn oil and gas to run our machines, it causes air pollution.

Most of us also use many plastic things that we soon throw away, creating lots of trash. This trash can hurt our earth, fill up our oceans and push animals (and people) out of their homes.

The good news is that we are very inventive! We can help save our planet with these three different ways of working, playing and getting around: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

The first “R” is the most important. Reduce your plastic trash as much as you can. Bring a cloth bag to the store when you shop! You can also enjoy your drinks without a straw.

Reuse by making new things out of plastic items so that they do not become trash! An old peanut butter container could be great for holding your markers.

Recycle by sending things you use to a recycling facility instead of throwing them away! Recycling something prevents it from going straight into a landfill.

We can also help the earth by reducing the amount of energy we use. You can turn off lights in your room and turn off your devices and screens when you are not using them.

You can walk or ride your bike with your parents to nearby restaurants or stores instead of riding there in the car! This can save your parents money on gas and helps to keep the air clean!

Let’s be kind to the earth. You can organize clean up days where you pick up trash around your neighborhood with family, so that wildlife can have a clean environment.

This Earth Day, you could also plant a tree or plant some flowers that will feed butterflies and bees around you!

The best way to become a friend to Earth is to spend time getting to know it. Spend time outside, observing nature quietly.

What new things can you notice?


Happy Earth day! What does being kind and protecting the earth look like for you? Draw your response and send it to us at!
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