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Women in STEAM who inspire! A biographical series

Women in STEAM who inspire! A biographical series

This Lifeology card deck highlights women in science, technology, engineering, arts and math who inspire us and inspire you.

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Tremaine “Tremie” Gregory is a Research Scientist at the Smithsonian's National Zoo.
She studies mammals that live in the canopies of tropical forests and how human activities affect them.

Fun facts about Tremie:
  • Tremie pioneered the use of camera traps in the canopy! This opened a whole new way to study the forest as a 3D ecosystem.
  • She is a full time ecologist and a mom of two!
  • She has worked on diverse conservation projects throughout Latin America. She focuses on primates and arboreal mammals that spend most of their lives in treetops.
How Tremie inspires us
  • “Tremie goes for what she thinks is right. Taking camera traps up into the canopy, which she was told numerous times wouldn't work, has led to amazing discoveries and images.” - Diego
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Julie Rorrer is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Chemical Engineering at MIT.
She researches how to turn molecules from waste into higher value chemicals and fuels.

Fun facts about Julie:
  • She works on turning recycled plastics and plant waste molecules into renewable fuels, with the help of catalysts.
  • Julie founded “ColorMePhD”, a free colouring book series all about science and engineering research! It makes complicated ideas simpler to understand for young students.
  • She can play the violin!
How Julie inspires us
  • “Julie has taught me to find something you love and go for it! Using your time on something you love is never a waste.” – Julie F.
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Melody Serra is a Tech Instructor for a non-profit that helps young adults who can’t afford college to gain skills and experience.
She has built her career around helping to close the gap of economic disparity.

Fun facts about Melody:
  • Melody is passionate about education and helping others. She volunteers for Girls Who Code and teaches at San Quentin State Prison.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, She has been teaching free science classes to kids over Zoom!
  • She is a talented artist.
How Melody inspires us
  • “Not only is she providing opportunities for young adults to gain skills and experiences through software engineering, she puts her whole heart into it. She cares deeply about each of her students and their future success.”  - Minh
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Lily Edinam Botsyoe is a world changer!
She’s helping to build a future internet that is more inclusive. A leader at Hacklab Ghana, she helps youth in Africa prepare for jobs in tech.

Fun facts about Lily:
  • She has a twin sister!
  • She studied art at the start of high school but borrowed friends’ biology and chemistry textbooks to read!
  • She is inspiring girls by having them illustrate women scientists who have braved the odds. Contact her to support the project.
How Lily inspires us
  • “Lily goes above and beyond with her talent and time, cheery and optimistic. She demonstrates how to see setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow.” – Joy
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Daisy Shearer is a PhD candidate in experimental quantum physics.

Daisy’s field is ‘semiconductor spintronics’ – finding new ways to control the quantum spin of electrons!

Fun facts about Daisy:
  • Her research could help us make better, faster and more secure computers.
  • She is open about being autistic, to open people’s minds about accessibility for disabled students and employees in STEM.
  • She’s currently working on a new project called “Neurodivergent in STEM”.
How Daisy inspires us
  • “She has shown me personally that anything is possible if you try, and has inspired me to go into further education. She is a brave, courageous person with a heart of gold!”  -  Vicky
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Moira Jardine is a Professor of Astronomy at the University of St Andrews.

She models the magnetic fields of stars. She is helping us understand how our sun was born and evolved.

Fun facts about Moira
  • She has a skill for making simple models which explain very complex ideas!
  • She studies what the solar system would have been like when it was young, and which other stars shine on planets that could harbor life.
  • She’s the queen of jigsaw puzzles!
How Moira inspires us
  • “Science (and life) are social pursuits and can’t be mastered alone! It’s inspiring and heart-warming to me that she always has time to help anyone with anything she can.” - Rose
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Signe Elizabeth Aasberg, PhD, immunology researcher at the NTNU, Norway.

Signe studies how your body uses an army of proteins and cells to fight disease!

Fun facts about Signe:
  • Signe looks at why some people have a higher risk of developing sepsis, when the immune system, the body’s “army”, overreacts to an infection.
  • She loves archery and video games!
  • She helps to create science comics for kids!
How Signe inspires us
  • “She inspires me with her passion to bring broader audiences (including kids!) to science and health conversations.” - Paige
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Jessamyn Fairfield, PhD, lecturer at National Univ. of Ireland Galway.

Jessamyn is a physicist who is working on what seems like science fiction - creating electronics that can learn like a brain, and heal themselves!

Fun facts about Jessamyn:
  • Jessamyn is both a US citizen and a Irish citizen.
  • She combines science and stand-up comedy, as a founder of Bright Club Ireland!
  • She helps other women in science to share their work and become leaders.
  • She plays the ukulele and sings songs about science live on stage!
How Jessamyn inspires us
  • “I love that Jess sees the importance of cultural exchange between science and the arts, and that she's constantly pushing herself and trying new things.” - Maura

Bethann Garramon Merkle, MFA, science communicator and educator.

Bethann mentors other scientists to help them better communicate science with other people.

Fun facts about Bethann:
  • Bethann teaches courses in science writing and science communication at the University of Wyoming.
  • She is an artist. She helped to create street murals in Laramie, Wyoming, featuring pronghorn!
  • She speaks English and French.
How Bethann inspires us
  • “Bethann has taught me to believe in myself as a person and as a scientist. She has helped me with my writing and art skills! She cares very much for all of the students she interacts with.” - Emily
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Meenakshi ‘Meena’ Das, technology educator.

Meena works on finding inclusive ways to help teach computer science to people with disabilities.

Fun facts about Meenakshi:
  • She is working on using sign language to help teach Deaf and Hard of Hearing students, and new ways to teach coding to blind students.
  • Her speech disability has not stopped her from loving public speaking!!
  • She loves animals.
How Meenakshi inspires us
  • “In technology it’s so important to be inclusive of all voices. Her work gives people with disabilities the opportunity to be a part of building tech. She's an incredible advocate for people with disabilities.” - Dasani
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Amanda Obidike, Founder of STEMi Makers Africa.

Amanda is a data scientist who mentors and empowers girls! She has won lots of awards for helping girls and women.

Fun facts aboud Amanda:
  • She runs a library for underserved communities.
  • She promotes entrepreneurship, clean energy, data science and better education.
  • She is currently writing a book called: “The Can of Worms”
How Amanda inspires us
  • “Amanda inspires us here in Beau, Cameroon even amidst the ongoing war we have. She ensures we are empowered to fend for our families. I have learned from her how to persevere in times of conflict or lack.” - Okwuchi
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