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How to keep Covid away!

How to keep Covid away!

Everywhere around us there are small viruses that we can't see.
Some of them make us sick.
Recently, a new virus called Covid came to town. It is a corona-virus.

It is looking for a new nose to live in.  It has lots of spikes and uses them to stick onto people it meets.  Hi, I'm Covid!  I love sticking onto people!
If Covid sticks to you, it can climb up to get into your nose.

Why does the virus want to live inside people's noses? 
Because they want to make more new viruses. And they have to be inside people to do that. 
I'm a new virus! 
Now I can make new viruses!

What do viruses do inside my body? 
They make a big mess! 
The love to jump around in your ears. 
and tickle inside your nose 
sing in your throat

Now you begin to feel sick. 
I don't like this! 
Runny nose, sore throat and coughing. 
It's no fun being sick!

Luckilly, you have guards inside of your body called immune cells that can send viruses away.  But this takes some time.  You might be sick for a few days. 
The guards in your body are angry at Covid. 
When your guard immune cells are angry, you get very hot.  You get a fever.

But the fever makes your guards stronger! 
They push all the viruses out of your body and send them away.

How an I stop the virus sticking on me or onto other people? 
Covid can ride on your fingers to new places.  You shouldn't pick your nose or you might put the virus into your nose.

Wash your hands with soap carefully. 
When you wash your hands with soap.  Covid falls off of your hands.  That way you can't spread the virus to new people.

When you cough or sneeze, viruses can fly out from your nose and land on your friends. 
Use a tissue when you sneeze or when you blow your nose. 
The virus can make them sick, too. 
If Covid is making you sick, you should stay home so that it can't jump to new people.

But why do I have to stay home now, even though I am not sick? 
Covid is sneaky, It can hide after it sticks to you and jump quietly to many people.

Some people's guard cells have trouble getting viruses to go away, like your grandparents. 
They get sicker than others.  They might have to go to the hospital.

But if you stay home, you can stop Covid from jumping around and protect others. 
Wash your hands with your friends before you play.  Together, you can keep Covid away!

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